Centurion Foundation Documents & Forms

CF Procedure Handbook

CF Fundraiser Request – Always start with this form if you are raising/receiving money that will be deposited into your CF account (as opposed to ASB account). (Spirit wear, pancake breakfasts, donation letter to parents etc.)

CF Expense Reimbursement Form – if you have receipts that you need to be reimbursed for using your club’s fund.

CF Deposit Verification Form – Use to record cash deposits, check, cc payments etc. send to CF Treasurer.

CF Request for Donation Letter Template – Customize this template and submit with CF Fundraiser Request to clubsliaison@uc-centurionfoundation.com two weeks prior to distribution. Centurion Foundation must approve all letters prior to distribution.

CF Membership Form

Centurion Foundation ByLaws

UCHS Forms

UCHS Activities Request – Use this form if you are using a school space for your event.  This form is sent to the school’s Admin Assistant and it will be put in the school master calendar   (media center for a meeting, activity room for practices etc.)

District Forms

Rentals Form – Also use this form if you are using school grounds for a fundraiser outside of school hours only.   The district may impose a “rental fee” (depending on the nature of the activity), which is required to be paid directly to them prior to your event.

Grants and Scholarships

2017-18 Grant Application

2017 Coach Al Wilson

2017 Centurion Scholarship

2017 Lady Centurion Scholarship

Additional Information

NCAA Fundamentals Presentation (PDF)

2015 NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements PDF

2015 Athletic Health Information for Parents

Parent Fact Sheet Regarding Concussions

Nutrition and Young Athletes